Light and heavy refurbishment development works

After acquiring a property/plot of land, certain developments and projects will require differing levels of refurbishment. Whether it’s simply redecoration or cosmetic improvements, or structural work for a change of use or small extension, we can help whatever the goal.


Light refurbishment

Light refurbishment typically involves works which total less than 15% of a property’s gross development value and usually includes cosmetic or required safety updates, such as:

  • Redecoration, such as plastering, painting, or laying flooring,
  • Replacing fixtures and fittings, including a new kitchen or bathroom,
  • New windows, doors, or external rendering, and
  • Re-wiring or re-plumbing.


Heavy refurbishment

In comparison, a heavy refurbishment is more extensive than a light refurbishment and will cost, at minimum, 15% of the gross development value. These types of refurbishments or developments often require architectural drawings, planning permission, and compliance with building regulations.

Usually, these works involve anything from structural work for a change of use or small extension to stripping all interior finishes, leaving just the structural skeleton foundation.

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