The perfect contractor for investment projects

Barra Projects Ltd is an expert in developments and conversions when working on projects for property investors. We fully understand the concept of increasing a property’s value (GDV), refurbishing to a high standard and quality and expediting letting to secure maximum rental yields.

By working with us, you have not only the qualities of a competent, skillful, and experienced construction contractor, but we have the edge over other contractors via our collaboration with Kishmule Investments Ltd. This industry knowledge allows us to work and operate with the property investor’s end goals in mind, and not treat the development as your everyday construction contract.

The benefits of using Barra Projects Ltd:

1. Advanced understanding and first-hand experience within the property investment market allows us to fit our development costs within your budget.

2. Seamless collaboration between the investor and ourselves, and constant updates and communication via Buildertrend.

3. Ability to provide a complete Design & Build service, and to manage any project from the initial architectural stage, through to practical completion.

4. Proven track record within the industry, and a multitude of previous projects to showcase our capabilities.

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