Responsible for and manages numerous works contractors

Management contracting is the procurement route in which a management contractor is responsible for and manages numerous different works contractors to carry out the works. The management contractor is usually appointed by the client early in the design process to take full advantage of their expertise in relation to improving costs and buildability of proposals as they go through development, amongst completing and providing other useful consultancy-style tasks and advice.


Allows tendering for work contracts quickly

Furthermore, it allows the tendering for work contracts to be done at an earlier stage than usual, sometimes, even before the design is finalised. This is useful as it can significantly shorten the time taken to complete the project, however, this is in lieu of certainty of the price until all contracts have been let and the design complete.


The difference between a construction manager

The main difference between this route and the construction management route is that the management contractors directly appoint the works contractors, whereas construction managers only manage the already contracted trade contractors who are employed directly from the client.

Legally, the management contractor acts as a principal in comparison to a construction manager who acts as an agent.

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