Numerous trades contracted to the client, but managed by a construction manager

Construction management is the procurement route by which the construction works are constructed by numerous different trade contractors. These trade contractors are ultimately contracted to the client but are managed by a construction manager.

The employer engages with the trade contractors directly and utilises the expertise and knowledge of a construction manager who acts as a consultant to overall facilitate the contracts. The work is carried out by the trade contractors and the construction manager is responsible for the supervision of the construction process and coordination of the design team. There are no contractual connections between the trade contractors and/or the design team to the construction manager.


The role of a construction manager

Their role is varied and includes preparation of the programme, organising requirements for site facilities, splitting the project into suitable work packages, sourcing and evaluating tenders received and coordinating and supervising works.


The difference between a management contractor

The difference between this procurement method and management contracting is that management contractors directly place contracts with the works contractors (equivalent to trade contractors in construction management), as opposed to purely managing the trade contracts, whose contracts are agreed upon and placed by the client.

Construction managers effectively act as a consultant to the client and the client takes the risk for the performance of the trade contractors. Legally, the management contractor acts as a principal in comparison to a construction manager who acts as an agent.

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